By: Durga Darsni Balaguru – Practical Student Form Faculty of Languages and Communication, FBK UPSI

UPSI,1st April – Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris made the second record in the Malaysia Book of Records(MBOR) for the longest hours of programme which was for 15 hours and in conjunction with this, Most Number of Participation in Mannequin Challenge was conducted to be recorded in the Malaysia Book of Records as well. The number of participants expected were 500 but it was a great achievement that the crowd reached 650 participants for the Mannequin Challenge.

A wondrous special day dedicated to the Tamil Language, the Tamil Society of Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris conducted “Varalatru Thulikal 2017” which was held for about 15 hours non-stop. This programme highlighted the Malaysian Indians’ historical achievements, the advancement of the language and also the exposure to Tamil language education.

A total of 13 competitions were held as follows, which are exhibition, drawing, fact, dance, video, drama and sketch competition. Similarly, there are also Kahoot quiz, short film contest, short story writing and PowerPoint presentation.


As for the Mannequin Challenge, which is to engrave a name in the Malaysia Book of Records ,500 participants need to remain static for a particular amount of time and it is then evaluated to receive such recognition.

The Mannequin Challenge was conducted at the university’s Sultan Azlan Shah campus main hall at Proton City on Saturday. The guest of honour for this event was Mr.Thiagarajan, The Founder of OMS Foundation

The Representative of Malaysia Book of Records, En. Mohd. Shukri presented the certificate to Associate Prof. Dr. Nor Azmi Mostafa, the Dean of Faculty of Language and Communication, UPSI. The certificate was then passed to Dr. Ilangkumaran, Advisor of Valarthamizh Mandram (Tamil Language Society UPSI).

The event’s project director, K. Mageswary said that it took her six months to come up with the actual programme.

“This is also in accordance to our goal of engraving our Valarthamizh Mandram (Tamil Society of Universiti Pendidikan Idris) name in the Malaysia Book of Records by participating in the Most Number of Participation in Mannequin Challenge.

“It is indisputably an honour to be able to organize such an event,” she added.

Mr. Thiagarajan, in his speech, said he was totally amazed with the programme

He lauded the efforts made by Mageswary as well the participants who made the show a reality.

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