By: Dr. Siti Shuhaida Shukor

Tanjong Malim – In an effort to foster collaboration and enhance educational practices, EDGE (Entrepreneurial Development and Graduate Employability Centre) conducted its annual international schools visit in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur from 10th to 11th of July 2023. The visit aimed to observe classroom activities, and explore potential collaborations with the visited schools.

The visit spanned across three renowned educational institutions, namely Sri KDU Secondary School in Damansara, Zenith International School in Klang, and Sri UCSI in Kuala Lumpur. The delegation engaged in various activities during their visit to gain insights into teaching methodologies, understand the schools’ vision, mission, and values, and explore the available resources.

At Sri UCSI and Zenith International School, the delegates closely observed classroom activities and teaching methodologies. This allowed them to witness firsthand innovative approaches employed by teachers in delivering quality education to students. The delegation also had the opportunity to meet with teachers, students, and administrators, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of each school’s unique educational environment.

Furthermore, the delegation engaged in fruitful discussions with school representatives to address specific staffing needs and teaching requirements. These dialogues aimed to explore potential collaborations and partnerships between EDGE and the visited schools, fostering an exchange of knowledge and expertise.

In addition to classroom observations and discussions, the delegation also embarked on a short tour of the facilities available to students. This included visits to libraries, laboratories, sports facilities, and other key resources that contribute to a well-rounded educational experience. The exploration of these facilities allowed the delegation to gain further insights into the learning environment and support systems provided to students.

The outcomes of the annual international schools’ visit were highly positive, with potential collaborations identified. The feedback from the visited schools indicated a mutual interest in establishing future partnerships with EDGE. With the positive outcomes of the visit, UPSI students can look forward to a future that not only embraces enhanced  practices and innovative initiatives but also promising prospects for future employment and invaluable opportunities for industrial training at esteemed international schools.  Through this strategic partnership, UPSI students will gain exposure to cutting-edge teaching methodologies, advanced educational technologies, and global best practices, empowering them with a competitive edge in the job market.

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